Checking in with locals' mental wellbeing

It’s been just 12 months since Scope Clinical and Educational Services  opened their doors at the river end of Oxford Street and as a 1st birthday goes, this one will be a much quieter, socially distanced affair than Directors Kathryn and Danielle might have originally planned.

“Like so many people, every aspect of our lives has been impacted by Covid-19 in ways we hadn’t expected,” confesses Danielle Copplin a psychologist, business owner and newly-wed.  “We have had to adjust on so many levels to keep up with the ever-changing ‘new normal’ that we realised if we were feeling the effect of such uncertainty when we are trained to implement coping strategies then how must so many other locals be managing through such extreme times?”

In response to this  realisation the SCAES team decided to offer free 15 minute wellbeing ‘check-ins’ over the phone or video-call for locals who may be feeling anxious or overwhelmed by the present situation.

“The calls are designed for anyone who is feeling challenged right now to call us to chat through their concerns.  Sometimes just identifying the issues out loud can be helpful in reducing stress or you may need a mental health professional to point you in the right direction to access more specific help,” says Danielle who has been pleased by the uptake of this offer so far and encouraged by the steps locals are taking to ensure they take care of their own mental health as well as that of their children during the pandemic.

SCAES has three registered psychologists in the practice and can offer bulk-billed telehealth calls for social distancing reasons during the lockdown iSCAES Teamf you already have a Mental Health Treatment Plan from your GP.  You can also see one of the team face to face if you prefer and the service is open to all ages from children through to seniors. Both bulk-billed and normal fee services are available face to face; there are options for everyone to restore their mental health. You don’t need a referral to call the clinic.  If you feel that your mental health is affecting your life and how you function on a daily level then you are encouraged to make an appointment to meet with Danielle, Kathy or Cleo who will be able to help you problem solve what ‘s affecting your mental health and provide evidence-based therapies to assist you in getting back on track.

With schools returning from next week, kids are very likely to be facing their own challenges right now.  Kathy and Danielle are specialists in educational psychology, so they’ll be able to explain how teaching in a different way might be helpful. If you’re concerns are a little bigger, they’re also on hand to assess, diagnose and provide ongoing support for kids with a variety of differences such as dyslexia, autism spectrum disorder and ADHD.




SCAES clinic is warm and welcomingSometimes a teacher, guidance officer, allied health professional or doctor will recommend working with an educational psychologist. Sometimes, all it takes is your ‘gut’ is telling you that something isn’t right.  You don’t need a referral for educational assessment and support, and it’s important to note that Medicare does not cover assessments.


Sometimes it’s as simple as giving your child tailored tutoring to target the academic building blocks that might be missing and to teach them to self-regulate their learning. SCAES has two highly qualified teachers on staff to get your child’s learning up to speed ensuring their confidence and self esteem will soar.


Understanding that we all need to approach our mental health at our own pace whilst self educating has led SCAES to launch their latest offering for the community.  With a wealth of reputable books on the subject of mental well being SCAES is about to launch an extensive resource library where you can loan books on a membership basis.


Whilst this is surely not the first birthday Scope Clinical and Education Services was expecting, it’s safe to say that they have found the ideal way to ‘give back’ to their community by way of birthday present. Give them a call this month and take them up on their offer of a free mental wellbeing check-in – you’d be mad not to ;)

You can get in touch with the SCAES team on 07) 3162 8448

24 Oxford Street, Bulimba QLD 4171




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