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There's not many of us these days who haven't felt the need to see a physio when our bodies start groaning from too much exertion or even just an awkward night's sleep.  Luckily for us in Bulimba we have many great physios in the area to call on to help us get moving pain-free again but how do you choose the right physio for you?
Sue McKenzie Body Therapy Physiotherapy BrisbaneSue McKenzie and Melita Morriss at Body Therapy Physiotherapy in Brisbane Street think it's all about finding and treating the cause of the problem instead of just the symptoms.  Their practice, based in a ground floor room of a residential street, is much more homely than many other physio clinics.  It feels more relaxed than many of the 'sportier' types of physio clinics.  That's not to say that they aren't just as focussed on repairing sports injuries, just that they enjoy working from a relaxed, calm environment with a sunny leafy courtyard that soothes clients while they wait.
Sue and Melita met through their training in the ConnectTherapyTM model of physiotherapy which takes a whole body approach to injuries.  They were both drawn to this approach through their pursuit for better results from their treatments and neither of them have looked back.  This approach was developed in Canada by LJ Lee where Melita travelled and worked with in Vancouver for 2 years to fully study and understand.  She is now only 1 of 5 ConnectTherapyTM practitioners in Australia and the only one in Brisbane with her level of certification.
The method takes a broader whole body approach to not only diagnose but to also address the underlying cause which provides quicker results.  The initial assessment does require getting down to sports shorts and crop tops so could be a little confronting for those expecting their knee or elbow to be the site of inspection but it all becomes clear as you progress through the assessment.  The team inspect your torso, pelvis and joints with their hands gently feeling for the orientation of each bone and control at each joint during movement to understand what could be affecting the site of the actual pain. 
Sue and Melita will sometimes work together on more complex patients to ensure a quicker diagnosis and results. Homework could be 'thinking' to re-train your brain to use your body better with visual cues as well as the more typical excercises you might expect.  Sounds crazy but BB can tell you from first hand experience, it works!
Melita's area of interest is definitely towards keeping people active in sportMelita Morriss Body Therapy Physiotherapy Brisbane as long as possible with as little discomfort as possible through keeping the body functioning well.  Both she and Sue are also advocates of early intervention for athletic adolescents who are encountering pain as they grow and train hard believing prevention of bad habits can go a long way in keeping injury-free for life.  Sue is more focussed on identifying and resolving everyday aches and pains that can really impede people's quality of life through ongoing general pain.  Both work together or individually on patients to get to the bottom of the issue and believe strongly that a pain free life is possible in most situations as long as you are prepared to do your homework.  
If you'd like to find out more or make an appointment with Sue or Melita you can call them on 0406 692293 or 0421 179100 or visit their website

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