A Bulimba Pain in the Neck

I've had a pain in the neck for years.  Massage and medication made no difference and the pain was always there limiting my movement and even worse, making me feel old.

I recently met Niki McGuiness who has opened Bulimba Chiro in Godwin Street.  Niki immediately noticed the awkward way I turn my head and recognised the classic stiffness of a long-term 'endurer'.  It was only when she asked how long my neck had been sore that I realised I had been putting up with the pain for seven years - I had just learned to live with it.
Niki invited me to a free consult in her brand new treatment room which you access via the car park behind 77 Oxford Street.  I'll admit I was very dubious about Chiropractic treatment.  I wasn't really sure if it was a 'real' medical practice or something more New Age founded on theories not facts.

Niki took my concerns on straight away reassuring me that I am not alone in being nervous of anyone manipulating or 'cracking' my neck.  Chiropractors are not medical doctors but do study at university.  Niki has a double degree in BSc and Bachelor in Clinical Chiropractic.  As it happens, Niki is also a Registered Nurse who has worked in Intensive Care and Emergency Departments so she has a strong medical training backing up her Evidence Based Chiropractic qualifications.

Niki McGuiness Chiropractor
There are many types and styles of Chiro and Niki is a low force practitioner who also uses an Activator for delicate treatment of necks or children.  She also uses dry needling to assist with tight muscles that may also be causing tightness or pain.
In my first appointment Niki was very gentle and worked in making sure my spine, hips and neck were aligned.  She used an activator on my neck put kept her finger under it to ensure the force wasn't too much for me.  She warned me I would be sore the next day and she wasn't wrong.  I felt like I'd had a massive workout without a warm-up but as she had warned me of this I wasn't concerned.  The next day I became aware that I had more movement in my neck before the 'sticking point'.  

After three appointments where we progressively increased the gentle force applied to my sticky bits we extended the periods between appointments.  I now can move my head almost 90% freely which is a huge improvement.  I am not in constant pain, I can move my shoulders above my head without discomfort and I sleep through the night.  Life had become about pain management , even in my sleep when I would constantly be shifting pillows to take off pressure.  Now, I am surprised to find that I forget about my neck until I find it sore from an unusual position or movement.

Niki told me that she can't cure my neck but she could help me manage it.  I am now on three weekly appointments and rolling along quite nicely between appointments.  I even find myself looking forward to a good crack at my next appointment!
Chiropractic may not be for everyone or every ache but it has certainly helped the pain in my neck.  It's certainly worth popping along to Bulimba Chiropractic to have a chat with Niki to investigate and one thing I can guarantee you, you'll have a lovely chat as Niki is surely the friendliest Chiropractor in Bulimba!
For more information visit the Bulimba Chiro website or call 0434 059 242.

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